Nancy Barber (nlbarber) wrote,
Nancy Barber

Birdcam drama

Lots of tension in the falcon nest-watching on the Kodak site. Four of the six eggs hatched at the end of last week. Then one eyas died yesterday, perhaps smothered by the adult female, Mariah. Mariah has an injured leg as of a couple of days ago, and probably can't support herself normally on the nest. She's still managing to hunt successfully, but her landings are poor if she has prey in the one good talon.

Then just a few minutes ago one of the last 2 eggs hatched--several of the falcon-watchers had decided they might not, as the eggs weren't getting incubated all that well with an injured mom and lively siblings around. But no, we now have 4 live eyasses, one egg, and a sad little carcass.
Tags: birdcam, birds, falcons

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