Nancy Barber (nlbarber) wrote,
Nancy Barber

More contractor notes

Called Betsy this evening to get the status on the drywall sanding. First round is done, and Tyson has marked spots that need more mud (and then more sanding). The drywall guy may be back tomorrow for the mudding.

Mary will be in tomorrow to finish the tile backerboard. While walking around with my brother, we discovered a perfect Fish footprint in the compound they spread around the doorway between the kitchen and the utility room. It's rock hard, now...

Betsy says the painter is going to pressure-wash the bricks that will be used to fill the old doorway, probably on Sunday. He'll spread the bricks out in my driveway to do this. No problem for me--I'll be in Portland.

And as I'll be gone all week, she would like another check. She'll prepare the bill tomorrow morning and Mary (tile lady and office help) will bring it by.

My architect dropped off a couple of paint chips as possible wall colors, both light yellows. I like the lighter one: "Linen sand", Benjamin Moore 2151-60. Will send an email off to Betsy with this shortly.
Tags: remodeling

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