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More contractor/remodeling notes

The backerboard for the tile is all done. The sheetrock guy apparently came at some point and sanded a little bit, but didn't deal with most of the issues Tyson had marked, so he'll have to come back. Twice. (Once to patch and mud, once to sand.)

Tyson appeared sometime after 6 to check things out, and also to lay out the brick on my driveway for the guy with the pressure washer, who'll be by Sunday. Since I was here, he asked to borrow my garden sprayer and some bleach, and sprayed the bricks to try to get them started. It wasn't working as well as he hoped. <g> He does think that there are enough whole bricks to fill the space, though it still won't completely match the rest of the wall because they laid the wall with whole bricks ending on either side of the door. But at least it won't be bits and pieces.

Betsy called while I was getting my hair cut with the estimate on doing the bookcases in 4 sections instead of 3, which she said was not quite a third more than the original. My brain was off and I didn't try to calculate it, and just agreed to the change. Mistake: the increase is 42%, and I feel rooked. I'm thinking I'll write her an email, explain that neither of us did the calculation right, and that 42% seems a little much. However, I did agree and if she feels she has to hold me to that, I will live with it.

Tyson looked the whole job over, and says there's not much he can do except the door trim until the cabinets get here. So many of the walls have cabinets that it's not worth doing baseboards yet. So, we wait on the tile, and on the cabinets. Maybe some painting will happen in the meantime, after the sheetrock is completed.



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May. 13th, 2006 03:24 pm (UTC)

The rule they wrote into my contract (Moon Brothers, here in the city), was if it was going to be more than 20% more than they said they thought it was going to be, they had to put it in writing / e-mail to me.

You have exactly the right tactic, and it was Friday, so nothing should have started yet. If she knows Clients, she'll have put it on the list of 'might want to get written confirmation of this before we go ahead.' And if she hasn't, well, gripe. LOUDLY.
May. 14th, 2006 03:27 am (UTC)
Unfortunately, she has adequate written confirmation, should she decide to just ignore my email--she showed the additional amount as a change request on the draw request invoice that was delivered Friday afternoon (so I could leave a check before going out of town). That doesn't change the amount of the draw request, which is fixed at 25% of the original contract, but it does mean she gave me an amount in writing.

I have sent my protesting email. We'll see if it gets any response!
May. 14th, 2006 01:34 pm (UTC)

She doesn't sound like the sort to be really that tight a stickler. I think you'll be fine. Fingers crossed!
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