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Portland, day 1

I've made it to Portland, and had a nice afternoon. My plane landed around noon, I collected my bag, and started looking for Todd, who was supposed to meet me in baggage claim. He never showed (and last I checked, still hasn't arrived at the hotel though he has a reservation), so I assume he had some flight problem and will get here when he gets here. It's also possible that he got the day confused or something--knowing Todd, this cannot be ruled out.

[As I was typing on this, Todd called. His plane was delayed in Richmond because they forgot to refuel it. Missed his connection in Chicago; finally got here at 8:30 PM...]

The hotel is across the street from a park that runs up the west bank of the Willamette River. As it was a beautiful day, I just started walking up the bike/walking path. Ended up at the Saturday Market under the Burnside Bridge--a very large outdoors market (a couple hundred vendors) that's mostly craft items. Purchases were restrained by the thought "how would I get it home?", so I ended up only buying a couple of pastries to have for breakfasts.

I came back to the hotel after a couple of hours (oh, did take time to find the cafe where I'll be meeting a fellow piffle member for breakfast Monday), asked directions to a place where I could buy some groceries, and went and bought milk. I have procured what I hope is really a free microwave and mini-fridge in my room by just asking for them with the online "virtual concierge"...will check later to be sure they are really free.

Back to hotel again, then went out for a while and sat in the waterfront park and read my book, enjoying the late afternoon. Then went to a restaurant called Veritable Quandary, sat in the bar, and had duck confit spring rolls and a glass of red wine. Which just about put me under, so I staggered the 2 blocks back to the hotel where I'm trying to stay awake until something approximating a reasonable bedtime, on Pacific Time.

Tomorrow we'll start with the zoo and Washington Park, then see what else is appealing.


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May. 14th, 2006 03:49 pm (UTC)
Tomorrow we'll start with the zoo and Washington Park, then see what else is appealing.

Surely you'll be visiting Powell's while you're in Portland? It's just up the street from the Burnside Bridge ( well, OK, about nine blocks up), so you seem to be right in the area already. Although, as you said, there's the problem of getting things home.
Friday when I went to pick up a book I'd requested, there was a bit of local art diagonally across the street that may still be there ( http://www.flickr.com/photos/29459396@N00/146187499/ ). I wish I could remember what it was I read about this thing where they go around creating those, but it was too many years ago and my retention isn't what it used to be.
May. 15th, 2006 04:41 am (UTC)
Powell's will be tomorrow--we rode around the streetcar loop this afternoon and got the location down, but the guy I was sightseeing with today is not a reader so I forbore to drag him to Powell's. (Todd once told me he hasn't read a book of any sort since college. He's about 50 now. <shudder>) Now that we've been joined by John, the readers outnumber the non-readers and we'll go to Powell's and let Todd entertain himself somehow.

I'll look for the bike art!
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